Coach -Client Relationships

Running a coaching/training firm is a fun challenge. Mostly, the relationships we build with our clients are rewarding & pretty authentic. Sometimes our clients and our coaches grow into long-term commitments, which don’t “feel” like the VENDOR-CLIENT relationship at all. Intentionally, our firm tries to see our clients as clients for life. Of course, this isn’t always the case, but more often than not, our client engagements are extended in length & deep in commitment.
None of us at Trove, Inc. enjoys being treated like a VENDOR. In other words, when a client signs a contract the coaching environment, at its best, is CO-CREATED. Like a marriage it takes both parties fully committed to achieve extraordinary success. Sometimes, a client will break the trust of the relationship by cancelling sessions at the last minute or not even trying to do the necessary work to grow in the coaching plan. Fortunately, we don’t have many relationships like this.
Positive change and leadership development happen in the healthy coaching environments, much like a seed will germinate and sprout in a fertile environment.
We are a committed group of coaches & trainers. We sincerely want to see clients grow & make new discoveries.
Rick Forbus, PhD
CEO – Trove, Inc.

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