Richard (Rick) K. Forbus, PhD is the CEO of Trove, Inc.. an executive coaching, management consulting and professional training firm. Rick became the CEO a few years back when Dr. Ron Young, the Founder-President of Trove, Inc., moved to Austin, TX to expand Trove, Inc.’s reach and concentrate on an assessment brand called Pairin, Inc. Michael Simpson, the third owner of Trove, Inc., heads up the Pairin assessment company in Denver. (See the Pairin link in the Resources section of this website.)

This website allows for the personal side of Rick to be examined a bit, and for some topics other than business to be brought forth, like, fly fishing, watercolor art, music and family – Rick’s greatest interests.

Trove, Inc. has proven to be a reliable, professional and somewhat of an elite brand in the coaching industry.

  • RELIABLE – Trove’s coaches are certified and credentialed, inquisitive as to their client’s needs, and try to deliver more than is expected with every coaching plan or program. Our administrators schedule with high precision and are the friendliest in the industry.
  • PROFESSIONAL – Trove, Inc. uses the highest level of research available to better “know” their clients and their client’s organizations. Our coaches and trainers go deeply into the things that are key drivers for the individual or the organization that they coach in. Our leadership team and coaches work hard at developing new training and coaching plans useful up and down the organization and for the emerging new generations.
  • ELITE – We’ve discovered that we are different – in a good way. Sort of like a Bentley automobile is different or a priceless piece of art has qualities that are hard to speak about, you just know something is different. Many of our clients suggest that we are open, honest and willing to customize and flex our coaching to fit the immediate need of the client. It is never delivered just ‘off the rack” and is always a precisely developed program.


Rick holds a Doctor of Philosophy in Human Resource Management & Leadership, and he has studied Executive Coaching with one of the coaches at The Center for Creative Leadership in Greensboro, NC. Rick also studied at CoachU and George Washington University to increase his expertise in coaching and leadership applications to project managers. Rick is a full-time executive coach and professional trainer. He specializes in organizational re-design using behavioral and community-based action research techniques. He maintains an active speaking engagement schedule and is a highly sought-after corporate retreat and workshop facilitator. In his career, Rick has trained, coached or presented speeches to over 44,000 people. His areas of expertise include teambuilding, process consulting, high performance meeting and decision-making, vision casting, people alignment, negotiation and change management.

Rick, and his wife Nancy enjoy the beach and the mountains, and spend time at both as often as possible. Rick loves to play music, rock-n-roll to jazz and attends concerts and participates in informal jam sessions whenever possible. Rick & Nancy have two sons, six grandchildren and family events are fun-loving, loud and loaded with joking around. Rick and his sons spend as much time as possible in mountain streams fly fishing, traveling for pheasant hunting and general outdoors adventures. Rick’s motto, “when in doubt, let’s enjoy this!”