Rick Forbus and Ron Young have given their services around the world to help non-profits, mission agencies, missionaries and other humanitarian scenarios. Michael and Susan Simpson have also done this kind of coaching and training. We want to help and serve. Over the years all of our team has found ways, pricing, and content to serve non-profits, churches, ministries and agencies to improve their performance. What works fundamentally in a business setting works in non-profits. We have worked in both and have discovered the congruencies and the differences and adjusted our plans to fit.

If you read this and are serving in a non-profit environment and do not think you could ever use or afford our services; think again. Just tell us your needs and we’ll make it happen. We have found price points for just about every limited budget out there.

A few humanitarian and mission projects that are on-going:

  • Rick and Nancy Forbus are involved in co-leading a small group at their church called the “On Mission” Group where the members are in mission projects year round stateside and abroad.
  • Supporting “Friends of India” ministry in Atlanta.
  • Supporting and actively helping in a mission endeavor in GUINEA-BISSAU, West Africa to collect shoes for these people.
  • Supporting a Pastor and volunteers to get food to hungry families in the North Gwinnett County area of Atlanta.
    Formerly coaching/counseling mission families doing business as mission in India, Putna, Bihar. (Helping raise funds to build village clean water wells in addition to coaching here.)
  • Trained and encouraged families serving in Asia at a week-long conference in Thailand.
  • Observing and encouraging church planters in Metropolitan London.
  • Providing lunch-n-learns to business groups on “doing good is good for business.” Promoting kindness and goodness in the business community.
  • Coaching and consulting with leadership in ministry and humanitarian work in Mexico, border towns, Puerto Rico and Brazil. (Pictures to be added to this page soon.)

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