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Introductory Launch Price – $10.00 (October 2021 price = $20.00)

Have you wondered how to gain more leadership or management influence? How can you improve your successes in connecting with people? Do you struggle at times with your likability? This book and Companion Workbook is a wonderful and effective resource in professional and personal improvement.

Be likable!

The COMPANION WORKBOOK to Rick’s book, “Likability: The Secret Sauce of Leadership Influence,” provides a self-study and self-coaching component to his book. Our greatest learning comes from a self-paced interactive development tool like this workbook offers. As you read a chapter in the book take time to work the corresponding workbook chapter and delve into questions, case studies or self-reflection activities. This additional learning instrument will expand your, your team’s or your organization’s leadership skills. Add this workbook and the book to your leadership curriculum.