One of my favorite memories was a conversation I had years ago with a professional coach. No invoice was involved. He led a training session and made time for each participant (only 6-8 attendees) in a one-on-one session. The value was enormous for me. The face-to-face time with this coach was an unexpected surprise in a few ways. First, he asked me about me; my aspirations, my career intentions and my immediate “next steps.” Secondly, he asked me how I intended to make these goals a reality. He wanted action steps in detail. Thirdly, he challenged me on a couple of actions, but seemed to understand why my goals were aligned the way they were.
Since the one-to-one session was only about thirty minutes, he jumped right in to coaching me.
To be honest, when I left this session, it was overwhelming to consider all that had just happened. After some hours of thinking, The realization that the thirty minutes had colossal implications on my life and career, set in motion a process that lead me to full-time coaching. Was the coach dealing in magic or supernatural powers? Did he know exactly what he would ask me or did he use a learned skill to quickly crack open my aspirations? I now know, after years of training, research, credentialing endeavors and coaching that this coach used these techniques on me that day:
o The power of questions – Well-crafted questions get to the heart of the client’s aspirations and allow the client to begin unlocking positive emotions to support immediate actions.
o The coaching session structure – A short coaching session, well structured, can accomplish amazing outcomes. Experienced coaches learn and practice specific proven structures to maximize conversations.
o The intuitive listening skill – Strategic listening is intuitive but great coaches have structure around their intuitions. A listening “map” coupled with intentionally practiced intuitions is almost “magical.”
o The experience of coaching plans and programs – Proven programs and coaching plans allows the coach to have some known outcomes and some predictable plans in mind as they engage in first-time coaching session.

With all of this said, I offer FREE COACHING CONSULTS that can have priceless value for interested prospects. What do prospects have to lose by sharing thirty minutes of time with a trained coach on a conference call? Get insight and be heard in a well-planned FREE session.

Rick Forbus, PhD

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