Coaching: Value VS Cost

There are many, many studies available that calculate the ROI or even the ROE (return on effectiveness) for executive or professional business coaching. My thoughts pertain to an implied value that some of my clients manifest in the coaching relationship. First, there can be a cost-only opinion that permeates the coaching contract with some organizations. These organizations calculate each participant and each coaching hour as a precisely measured unit. More times than not, the project manager or the individual that hired the coaching program or the coach, is not personally involved in the coaching process. Sometimes the program manager has never been coached. This is a little like only reading about or seeing photos of your favorite vacation spot, but never ever going to the destination.
Secondly, the more positive manifestation occurs when a coaching participant discovers that the coach is a valuable resource in not only strategic thinking, unbiased listening and relational challenges, but also an alliance partner. Great coaches understand this. The value-added experience for most of our clients is immeasurable. One of my long-term clients described this environment like having a close friend that is not tainted in their opinion (because they know you so well.) That is the “magic” that great coaches employ: they ask questions to understand what the client is going through in the workplace, their careers and even their lives in general. However, a great coach knows how to “stand back” and see the “wide camera shot” of the client’s total work-life expression. This is where the value is not easily calculated. Many times a coach not only knows the employees better than the managers/leaders but also can be more invested in their outcomes. This in not true kn every case, but it is true. If you’ve never thought about the value of coaching; let me answer your questions. It is simple: just email me at – Visit

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