Coaching Your Talent Up

Coaching has had its place in the business world for the last couple of decades. Now, with companies and organizations running so lean every ounce of talent has to be squeezed to its highest potential. Talent is “king” in delivering quality services, connecting with new business opportunities and innovation. Process is “queen,” but real strong talent that is developed to a higher potential creates business opportunities and knows how to increase productivity.
Coaching leaders from the executive level down through the organization to the manager level can literally ignite a company. Many companies are finding the dollars to have their talent coached in various kinds of coaching programs. We at Trove, Inc. have adapted to this new talent development trend (coaching higher numbers of employees than just the C-Suite) , by pricing the lower levels of clients in economy bundles. The benefits are leveraged because now the teams are experiencing the development, not just the top-tier group. To be honest, this “strata” of organizations, the younger managers, seem to synergize and create positive results more quickly, than just coaching the top. Quicker, steadier and more energetic results seem to happen when multiple levels of an organization are coached at once. This seems to “tie it all together more quickly.” In Training Magazine it states this,
“Personal coaches are a hot commodity among executives these days. Never mind the mansion, the Mercedes, the membership in the executive country club. In corporate America today, the sign that you have truly arrived – or at least that you are being groomed for arrival – is an executive coach. Your own personal coach, that is. Even if the coach’s assignment is to render you less obnoxious, his or her presence at your elbow signals that you are regarded by the company as entirely too valuable to fire or shoot.” – Training
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Rick Forbus, PhD
Trove, Inc.

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