Courage is a leadership trait that is usually developed through experience. One form of courage is the kind that soldiers acquire under crises. They find that special something needed when fear is the only other alternative. Many times fear and courage go together. I asked a soldier from Ft. Jackson, SC once, while Trove, Inc. was providing feedback to our behavioral assessment, how he found courage under fire. He said, “You have to go deeper than your fears to what you have been taught to do.” Discipline is the key. Another version of courage is the brand that pushes through tragedy, loss and sadness to find a bright outlook on life. That is the kind my mother has. Her life from early childhood brought loss, pain and death. She remained optimistic. She achieved and worked hard to support my Dad and to make a happy home for us kids. When most people would have given up or given in to despair and self-pity her choice was optimism. Her optimism has always looked like courage to me. Courage for leaders is some times a blend of both kinds: (1) the pushing through beyond your fears or (2) embracing optimism instead of relenting to defeat. This kind of courage is difficult to discover by oneself. Why not consider hiring a coach to become an alliance partner with you to find courage? If interested in knowing more, e-mail me at

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