Life Shifts for Leaders

This past week has been an especially rewarding. As a coach, most of the time, clients are engaged and hungary for some form of transformation. Sometimes, however, clients will become complacent and and unwilling to accept the possibilities that a coaching session may bring. What sometimes will happen to dilute a coaching conversation is a personal life distraction or even a work situation that pervades the normal coaching flow. This week has been a great one. My clients have asked me great questions, I have landed on a few good ones myself. In essence, this week several clients had major life and professional breakthroughs! This transformational moments lead to goals, changes in attitude and even career re-engineering steps. What is very amazing is that many times these are unexpected and unplanned. My coaching style is to have a format for the session, even though it may be pretty loose. Many times I craft certain questions in advance of the sessions and write them on my note pad. These will serve as a “bridge” through the session. This week, however, the clients enlightened me with their energy and questions about their own journeys and life shifts. This is a lot like jumping out of a plane together without a parachute! It is an exciting ride with with great anticipation for the landing. Really, this week brought me renewed passion to my calling to be a coach. I wasn’t really depleted, but I was feeling some weariness from a full calendar. One person I met with in another city, aspires to be a coach. this was a great conversation and reminded me of the way I felt some years back as I embarked on this vocation. As I walked in the park where I get exercise, I felt very fortunate to have brought some newness and hope to some people this week.

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