More Wag, Less Bark

My thoughts today have little to do with work. Although I spend a great deal of time thinking about executive coaching and how to develop more creative ways to train professionals; not today! It feels like Fall in Atlanta today. I just finished my workout and walk at a beautiful park. Usually, I walk/run around 3.4 miles at a park that is full of trees, a huge lake, a dog park, and many people doing what I am doing; getting outside and exercising. I was so happy to be outside today after a long week of working with a company, coaching their management team and then 2 days of a high-level retreat with the Centers for Disease Control Executive Leadership. The air was light, the sun was bright, the wind blew slightly and the air was cooler than it has been. A few leaves are already falling and football is in the air? As I followed my routine and parked in the parking lot to get ready to hit the track, I noticed a great bumper sticker: MORE WAG, LESS BARK. It made me smile, especially since I would normally see many people walking their happy dogs. The park has a large dog exercise area, of which I paid a little closer attention to today because of the bumper sticker’s message. You know what? There were a lot of wags out there. I even noticed that around the track were lots of wags and smiles. Everyone seemed happy to be outside getting fresh air and exercise. Wow! Was it my new focus on the wag and bark quotient or was it that I had been missing this apparent manifestation of happiness each time that I exercise? It doesn’t really matter. It did make me think that our world would be a much better place of there were more wags and less barks; humanly speaking, of course. Optimism is a powerful feeling and behavior. I am trying to make this day a day that is very “wagful.” I know…that is not a word, but I hope it made you smile.

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