The Excitement and Fulfillment of Discovery Coaching – Part 2

As mentioned in Part 1 of this blog, professional coaching still needs defining for those who have never engaged in a coaching program. The wonderful thing about coaching is that when it is done well, its delivery transcends the many sectors of business and non-profit environments. Of late, coaching within small businesses is most exciting. There seems to be a hunger in that sector for quick leadership improvement and growth in strategic thinking skill development.
Anna owns her own small business. Her coaching plan includes: (1) fine-tuning her business model, (2) examining her stress behaviors and Emotional Intelligence, (3) dialoguing about her messaging in the market, and (4) working on her product design. Anna is in the professional services industry and has made great progress on branding and discovering new ways to package her subject matter.
Living as a Discoverer or Explorer is a strong way to address a business plan or a career. Discovery Coaching is just one idiom by which coaching can be delivered. It is a powerful style of coaching. Let me continue with the list of seven Coaching Discoveries from Part 1 of this blog.

Coaching Discoveries

8. Discover Follow Through – The client works on preparedness and completion processes that then increase follow through.
9. Discover Commitment – The client engages in the emotional phase of completing tasks and goals. The client and coach work through the stage of compliance, to commitment, then, to full investment into process and goals.
10. Discover New Revenue Streams – The client determines ways to create new ideas, products or services and then how to monetize them.
11. Discover Support from Others – The client and coach work on a network “grid” that leads to a dependable support network. Outcomes may lead to increased brand equity, new markets or a new job.
12. Discover Work and Play Balance – The client determines the best percentage ratio for their self-care. Many times this process leads to other discoveries like: (1) other job interests, (2) making a living with a former hobby, or, (3) a non-profit vocation that was a former volunteer activity.
13. Discover Better Communication – The client develops stronger speaking and listening skills that help them engage at a deeper level with clients, business associates, family and friends.
14. Discover Cooperation – The client learns to make synergy a way of doing business and life. Cooperating is a skill that can be developed. It includes: (1) tactical things, (2) emotional things and (3) situational things. The client and coach explore cooperation skill development from at least these three areas of expression; tactical, emotional and situational.
15. Discover Energy – The client, through an assessment, discovers their stressors and sets goals to live with less stress. Stress management can include practical skill development steps based on the assessment. Energy sponges go away. Situations and people are dealt with more effectively as this discovery process gains traction.

As mentioned in Part 1, the excitement and fulfillment of discovery coaching places the power of results with the client first and with the coach second. It is an alliance, with the client fully engaged in the outcome. Maybe this is your time to begin a coaching plan. Watch for other blogs coming soon. For coaching inquiry email me directly at

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