The Excitement and Fulfillment of Discovery Coaching – Part 1

The first time I sat with my coach there was a realization that what was happening was important. My first coaches were just informal arrangements. They were effective when my thinking was prepared. My discovery was that if I cleared my presuppositions, the coaching conversation was much more beneficial to me. Entering the coaching environment, no matter what the coaching program entails or costs, with the bright inquisitive eyes of a child, was and is helpful.
Jim began his coaching program with me to just get help with leading his project team. The initial value for him was to find any blind spots to his management style. After a few months his inquisitive nature led to another trajectory for his coaching. My job was to “hear” him and encourage him. We ended up finding new ways for Jim to express his talent, his expertise and his passionate energy. The discovery was a new career.
Since there is so much to talk about with this topic, this blog will be Part 1 of two Parts. Coaching still needs defining for some. Listed below are seven DISCOVERIES that are made inside of a powerful coaching session. Part 2 of this blog will include an additional list of great discoveries that happen in coaching conversations.

Coaching Discoveries

1. Discover Clarity – The client draws clearer distinctions regarding present connections, situations and future directions.
2. Discover Direction – The client sees the new possibilities and knows which path is best.
3. Discover Focus – The client concentrates on what’s truly important in business, with others and in life.
4. Discover Decisiveness – The client makes quicker and better decisions resulting in less delays and a better quality of actions.
5. Discover Time Management – The client plans for time “intruders” resulting in more free time.
6. Discover the Best Practice – The client gives attention to what’s best, not just good, and what is going to have the strongest desired impact.
7. Discover Success – The client contemplates on efficiency and delegation.

The excitement and fulfillment of discovery coaching places the power of results with the client first and with the coach second. It is an alliance, with the client fully engaged in the outcome. Maybe this is your time to begin a coaching plan. Watch for Part 2 of this blog coming soon. For coaching inquiry email me directly at

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