What Kind of “Coaching” Do You Do?

This is an often-asked question? The industry has coined executive coaching as the standard term for the genre our firm operates in. However, we don’t only coach executives. I’d enjoy hearing your thoughts, whether you are a fellow coach or client. Just lately I discussed this with someone who wanted to refer my services. One thing I explained to her was that there is a wide range of coaching “styles” and delivery systems in the market. Here’s my list:
life coaching
career coaching
transition coaching
management coaching
leadership coaching
In my definition, executive coaching may include all of the above expressions of coaching. My best successes have come when the client explores several of these “expressions” of coaching inside of their coaching program. Although I’m hired as an executive coach by an individual or by their company/organization, the session itself is co-created by the coach and client. Needs must be met and clear goals need to be established. So, if an executive or a director has a burning need to talk about life, career or a potential transition; the sessions may have reason to explore these areas. Our firm calls this holistic coaching. We have found that being open to our clients and listening with a holistic ear provides a dimension to coaching that is powerful and productive. We see results. A client that may think they need professional advice may discover that their leadership skills need sharpening. A client that assumes they need to transition out of the company may find that they can better deal with stress and in turn create longevity.
What kind of “coaching” do I do? The kind that is effective and discovers solutions and achieves results for the client and the organization.

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