The Power of the T – MAP

For the last several years I have had the honor of working with individual leaders and small and large groups on their leadership and management skills. Although coaching and training can be accomplished without a powerful behavioral assessment, the ACL (to be branded the T-MAP) is like magic with my clients. Recently, as we went through a client’s Emotional Intelligence scales (a part of our assessment) he was amazed at the accuracy of the assessment. That moment brought him an epiphany. These incredible breakthrough moments happen almost weekly. The coaching is powerful enough without the assessment but the added ingredient of a world class instrument like the T – MAP makes coaching indescribable.
When I work with groups and the assessment has been taken beforehand, group dynamics are revealed in a unique way. Recently, while working with the US Army, soldiers came to a flip chart and marked their specific placement on quadrant scales that revealed findings from cognitive style to orientation toward life. Many of the soldiers who had been in combat several times stood in line to tell us the power of the assessment. It helped them to better see themselves and how to work in a cross-cutting way with members of their brigade. Another non-profit group that struggled with dysfunction, yet, were too passive (many non-profits deal with this) to engage in conversation about the divergent behaviors. The retreat setting using the assessment brought about an enlightening shift for them.
What is very remarkable is the use of the T – MAP in pre-selection hiring processes. Once we have a sampling of employees to take the assessment, we build a group “DNA” of their cultural dynamics and behaviors. We can tell you the target culture that makes a company or organization successful. Then, for the hiring department, using the assessment for every applicant before an interview not only culls the “non-fits” but predicts who will work within that present “success culture.” In the future, the world will know about the T-MAP and its uncanny power to predict success and eliminate most turnover issues. What could that save a company or organization? Well, some calculate that it costs three times the salary and benefit package of the hired employee when they don’t work out with the company. Wow! The T – MAP is an amazing predictor of success for a company.

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