Making a Transition Positive

Some of my clients are resistant when it comes to self-initiated transitions. I guess all of us are afraid, to some degree, with unexpected transitions. These life-events, self-initiated changes and unexpected ones, can employ at least two different approaches. One of my clients a couple of years back wanted to examine a self-initiated transition to another field. She was already an amazing project manager and had more than her share of drive and passion to succeed in life. We worked hard on “thinking grids” to weigh her options. It was funny at times for each of us to hold up a handwritten or hand drawn sketch of different ways to look at her options. With some fear at times she worked through her plan for a transition. We spoke recently remembering the hard coaching and work to get to where she is now, a completely new genre if industry. A recent email told me of another promotion at her new place of work!
Another client struggled through an unexpected departure from his place of leadership after about eight years. He actually led the company through many strategic changes and literally kept it afloat for the owner. However, unexpectedly he was transitioned out. The exciting thing about this transition was that in his coaching sessions we had already begun to “build an off ramp” to the industry he was in. This transition coaching was ahead of the unexpected change. It included him getting back in school and he completed his MBA after 18 months of hard work. now, he has emerged in a new industry with more tools than ever to succeed in other self-initiated changes he may aspire to tackle. These two categories of transition: (1) SELF-INITIATED and (2) UNEXPECTED need specific coaching plans. At trove, Inc. we have designed these two programs with great care with supporting assessments, templates and goal-setting tools. We have even designed an internal transition program for use in Government agencies.
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