So many times in formal and informal coaching sessions people want to move beyond their present life-state. What is it that makes us get in a rut? Why is that many times we all look at our lives and we have gone through a period (if not years) where we have just “settled” for mediocrity, an undisciplined life style or low productivity. It is very easy to slip into routines that after awhile take the edge off of enthusiasm, energetic goal-setting and excellence in work tasks. I challenge you to start journaling your goals tomorrow! Writing them and looking them each day is important to breakthroughs. The writing is not magic but the awareness and constant reviewing of them is. It is motivational to hold yourself accountable; even more so, to have a professional coach align with you to great high-accountability conversations. What is your desired future state? What does the ideal version of you look like? If those two questions are not clearly answerable, then, now is the time to begin thinking about them and writing the description of your preferred future. Without the image (clear goal) of what your future state and your ideal version looks like it is difficult to get there. The idea future provides the steps for tomorrow’s goals! Email me at

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