Never Say Never

Can the uninitiated or skeptical leader still find career and life epiphanies? Recently, a client of ours at Trove, Inc. told a group of his employees in an “all-hands” meeting about our work there in the company. The way he described our work, successes and employee breakthroughs was powerful, passionate and personable. How do I know this? Another one of the leaders at this company we just began coaching shared the story. What was interesting was she surprised me with the story. I had no idea that our company (executive coaches & advisors) would be the topic of the staff meeting. When I began the session I asked her if she knew who Trove was and why we were there working in her company. That’s when she said, “Oh, yeah, not only had her supervisor told of the positive impact Trove had had on her outcomes but others in the company had told her the same story. And, at the staff meeting Trove was an important topic. (The Managing Partner) He even held up your article in the Atlanta Business Chronicle and made a comment about it.” This blog is not intended be be a “bragging platform” but a voice to the skeptics that think coaching cannot really make a difference. This managing partner has never been a real skeptic but a slow convert to our services. Now, he is telling our story better than we can!! When I was coached for the first time and went through a battery of assessments, my opinion was clouded at best. But, as the process continued and I was willing to absorb the coaching questions and follow-up with the homework assignments and align my actions to the assessment results, my life changed. Coaching and executive advice has been around for some time and is not going away. There is a strong possibility that an alliance accountability partner can hear and see your blind spots. There is a reason coaches make a difference when well-intentioned leaders struggle with their own self-awareness and cannot clearly see the best alternate paths for strategies and human behavioral changes. Visit for more about our company.
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