Getting Along with Others

What is it about adults? We correct children for bickering and arguing, yet, adults in the workplace are just as dysfunctional. The difference is that adults try to either ignore, hide or cover with code words the bad behaviors. Some employees say: (1) We don’t see eye to eye., (2) He is from another world than me., (3) We’ve learned to just push on through the nagging cultural differences., or (4) We tried to resolve this stuff years ago at a company off-site: no luck, just live with it! I believe as an executive coach, trusted advisor and professional trainer that there are human integration solutions. These solutions are never easy but at Trove, Inc. we see major breakthroughs in “bad adult behavior” every week or so. We have story after story of successes! Some of our clients have taken a year or so to warm up to the idea that their teams could “play together well in the adult sandbox.” Sometimes as coaches and consultants, we have to do the synergistic, healthy-divergent dirty work. We love it! It feels good for us to deal with the softer side of corporate and organizational issues. The Trovians (an impromptu name for our Principals and Partners) at Trove, Inc. actually feel a calling to solve organizational and personal leadership and life issues. Raise the flag! Hoist the banner! Let’s get along with others. This could change your profitability, lower your turnover ratios and increase morale.

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