Summer Coaching

Last week was thrilling as the Atlanta Business Chronicle published an article on Trove, Inc. and the powerful assessment we use, the ACL. We have known that the assessment was unique, powerfully revealing and a differentiator in the coaching market. But, to have others recognize that and want to interview us was rewarding. It seems this summer that my clients need special guidance as they contemplate: (1) career changes, (2) leadership skill development and (3) goal-setting help as they attempt to plan for the long-term future. Life seems so short. The climate these days in coaching sessions with individuals and teams seems to be cautiously optimistic. On one hand, people want to plan for the future, on the other hand, there is a desire to improve their skills in case the need for career transition unexpectedly occurs. I think the summer is a great time to engage a coach’s services. As business schedules slow and vacations allow for quiet thoughtful opportunities, maybe you should consider hiring a coach.

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